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Lang Tengah Island

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Lang Tengah Island is a very small island located between Perhentian Island and Redang Island. This little island is accessible by a 30 minutes boat ride from Merang jetty.

According to the locals, Lang Tengah takes it name from 2 sayings. The first one saying that ‘Lang’ comes from ‘Helang’ in the Malay language which means an eagle, therefore Lang Tengah means eagles resting on the middle island. The second saying spread among the villagers where once upon a time the island used to be the post road for traders and fisherman from the north to replenish their supplies while taking a rest after a long journey.

It is small, very small. A round island trip in speed boat only takes 10 minutes. The beach is narrow and land is limited. However, Lang Tengah Island gains it advantages from its size. Due to the limitation in the land, there are only 4 resorts operators on the island. This is somehow limiting the number of visitors to the island thus reduces the chances of environmental pollution to the island while offering more privacies to the holiday seekers who seek for a piece of quite and peaceful land.

Beaches are at the north-eastern and south-western side of the island and are separated by a mountain that acts as the backbone of the island. However it is possible to visit beach and resorts on the other side through a path in the bush.

Powdery coral-white sand stretches on either side of it, the delight of tan-seekers and beachcombers. Perhaps almost all of the islands in East Coast of Peninsular Malaysia are gifted the white sandy beach. The soft feeling given to your foot when you step on the sand is a wonderful feeling. In sunny day, you can hardly open your eyes as this white sandy beach reflects the sun shine.

Lang Tengah was not familiar to Malaysian tourists. Most of the publicity was done in overseas markets instead the domestics, in addition, it was hidden in the shadow of its neightbours, Perhentian Island in the north and Redang Island in the south. Tourists from foreign countries especially European country will normally just buy the accommodation and spend weeks of their holiday on this island, holding a book in hand, sun bathing on the beach, swimming in the sea, diving to look for different surprises, or even taking a diving course here…

However, with the launching of subsequent resorts and greater effort from both the state government and private agencies in developing new destinations and products for the industry, today you can see more Malaysian faces on the island. Because of different requirement from the markets, packages tours which inclusive of accommodation, food and activities are introduced.

Some agencies organised excursion trip to neighbouring islands. This is either to have a snorkeling trip at Marine Park Headquarter in Pulau Pinang of Redang Archipelago which is the most common or a 4D3N trip to the 3 main islands: Perhentian, Lang Tengah and Redang with a day in Lang Tengah. 

Swimming or diving in the sea of Lang Tengah Island is a pleasant and wonderful activity for several reasons. Besides the not resistible blue-blue sea and underwater world, due to less crowd on the island than others, it is free from the hubbub not only while you are having your lazy afternoon in the resort but also when you are snorkeling or diving looking for your favourite fish and coral.

Dark purple fan shaped coral is among the most common coral in the Lang Tengah waters. This is also why one of the resorts here is said to have its name put after the huge plant of this beautiful coral which lay underneath the sea in front of the resort.

If you are energetic enough, go for a 90-minute guided jungle trek which winds through a couple of hills and pristine coves. An alternative route involves clambering through the interesting rugged rock formations along the coast. You will see the different view of the island while sitting on the rock, viewing fishing boat retuning home after a long hard day. It is a great place for a short escapism from the hectic traffic and deadlines in the city life.

Getting there : Refer to Redang Island

When to go : Like other islands along the coast of Peninsula Malaysia, Pulau Lang Tengah are exposed to the northeast monsoon every year between November to March. Best times are between April and August. September and October are the low season.

Resort :
Blue Coral Island Resort (***)
D'Lagoon Coconut Resort (***)
Square Point Resort (budget)
Redang Lang Resort (budget)


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