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Gemia Island


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Another new born island in Terengganu, (perhaps is more accurate to say, new born tourism spot) is a tiny island located just beside Kapas Island. There is only 1 resort on the island to accommodate the raising number of tourists. Rooms are stretching along the rocky shore. Though the beach is narrow, yet, like  other islands in east coast Peninsular Malaysia, it is covered by white sand.


Because it is new and small and moreover, like other island hidden in the shadow of Redang and Perhentian Island, Gemia Island is less known to the tourists. Nevertheless, this has prepared the island a peaceful and quite atmosphere for holiday seekers and also the wildlife. Sea eagles, reef herons, tern and also the precious giant leatherback turtle come to nest their eggs on this island every year. Like some of the regular tourists who spend their holiday on the island every year, green turtles, Hawksbill and Olive Ridley turtle are also regular visitors too.


To the end of the detached resort rooms there stands a small rocky mountain. Rugged rock face of mountain is a good place to have some simple climbing exercise and ideal spot for birdwatching.  


Gemia Island is only 800 meters off Kapas Island and only 9 cares of size. If you are a good swimmer, go try to make a round island swimming trip, or swim to Kapas to have glass of coconut drink and a lazy afternoon in any of the island there. Gemia Island is surrounded by coral garden and colourful marine life. With easy access to the reef, there are excellent snorkeling and scuba-diving spots just right front of the resort. In the evening, there use to have a group of shark swimming in waters between Gemia Island and Kapas Island, looking for food. Staffs in the resort call this area as shark line. Do not worry, they are only shark with length less then 2 feet, handsome but harmless. 


In the spectacular starry night, just have a sip of fresh tropical fruit juice…. um… life is so beautiful.


Getting there : Refer to Kapas Island


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