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Kapas Island


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Only 6 km lying in front of Marang jetty, Kapas Island is visible from Marang all weather. It probably inherited its name from its white powdery beaches which looked like 'kapas' or cotton as symbols of paradise on earth. Like Lang Tengah, Kapas Island is not a big island. Pioneering in the industry, the people of Marang has been taking visitors to the island long before any development exists on other islands in Terengganu. 


Because of being an island with a close distance with the mainland, this island is more accessible than the rest. Moreover the long development history background, has granted it an advantage in the industry.


There are plenty of choices for accommodation on the island, ranging from camping site, guesthouse, bed and breakfast, chalet and resorts etc., mainly run by the villagers in Marang. Resulted from the price competition in addition to the easy accessibility, it is always the chosen destination for backpackers or free independent travelers.


According to the local, there are the famous song bird – Murai Batu / White-rumped shama (Copsychus malabaricus) on the island. This song bird is reputed has 23 different and equal beautiful melodies in its repertoire. If this is true, in addition to the palm trees which are standing on the sandy beach, waving their leaves in the wind, both making the laid-back atmosphere another favourite retreat.


For those who want to soothe their frazzled nerves, and rejuvenate, there is nothing more pleasant than contemplating the future from the comforts of your hammock and to the music of the ocean. But if you are the get-up-and-go type, then it is the sun, sand, sea and snorkeling for you The water is warm and crystal clear, the beach private and secluded. Snorkeling, diving and swimming, wind surfying, kayaking etc. can never be excluded in the itinery when you are on an island.


If you are a crazy with diving, Kapas Island is a good place for diving. A WWII shipwreck located 5 nautical miles offshore is the key attraction to divers. The popular and favourite diving spot for diver is the outer reefs on her seaward. To add to this, several illegal fishing boats from Thailand that sunk here has become the artifical reefs for the underwater world.


Also due to the close distance with the mainland, sand on the beach here are not as fine as other neighbouring islands. Anyhow, this doesn’t restrict you from doing some beach activities like beach volley ball. However, have to bear in mind that, there are sand flies which will leave some ‘souvenir’ on your uncovered skin.


If you arrive on the island during squid jigging season (May-August), a very special activity can be arranged through the chalets as to fill your time in the evening.


Squid jigging is carried out on very specialised boats at night. Powerful lights illuminate the water, attracting the squid which gather in the shaded area under the boat. Let your jig drop into the water and start by jerking the rod up to about 3 feel. After you have pulled it up let it drop slowly and repeat this action occasionally. Squid bite as the jig falls and the bites are very subtle. You need to pay high attention to its bites. Set the hook by pulling your rod up real fast, but remember you are not fishing for a big tuna fish here, so don't jerk with all your strength unless you want your squid jig come flying out of the water and snag the person next to you. A gentle jerk will do.


Black ink will be squirted out when you raise them out of the water. When fishing is slow it's great fun to aim the squid to squirt someone else, hehe. If someone does pay you back don't worry though, the ink does not stain


Squid run in schools, if you see someone near you suddenly start catching squid start paying careful attention to your own rod. Once you catch one, quickly get the squid off the hook then throw your line the water again for the next jigging before the school swims away. Then when you come back from your jigging trip, perhaps you can have fresh squib seasoned with your sashimi or just sotong goreng….What a wonderful experience.


Getting there :
Get a bus or a taxi (Rm 25.00) from Kuala Terengganu to Marang which is 10 km south. Then get off at the jetty.


There are plenty of boat operators at the jetty. Some of them take accommodation reservation or booking as well as snorkeling trip apart from boat ticket. You can book a room here or wait until you are on the island. the boat trip to the island takes 20 minutes.


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