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Cemerung Waterfall & Nature Park

If trekking and picnicking at seaside or any recreational park has long become history in your life, perhaps a visit to Cemerong Waterfall can recall all your long lost memories and fun. Cemerong Waterfall or some call Lata Cemeruh is located in the inner land of Dungun, or about 30 minutes drive from Kg. Pasir Raja, another good point for trekking activities. Reaching 300m height, it is the tallest waterfall in Terengganu state.

While on the way there, you will pass by Bukit Besi which like the name tells, was once an iron mining mountain. Today, only a cave like hole left in the waist of the ‘bukit’. Just not far after the mountain, you will see a bolt of snowy white cloth falling like a curtain from a rocky mountain in front of you….it is Cemerong Waterfall from miles away. Isn’t it giving you ‘ommmp’ for the coming ‘breath taking’ trekking ?

It is not a new name for the local indeed. The small but tidy park furnished with hut and picnic places and ample parking space at the entrance can tell. But surprisingly it is not yet a promoting destination by the state tourism board.

It takes 2 hours trek before you can stand in front of the fall. The first part of the trek is probably sealed with concrete stairs and some little huts for picnic. Big and old trees standing all around. You hardly embrace any the trunk with 2 adults extending hands.

At the end of the stairs, just further down at your right is a natural huge swimming pool with a cascade. Laughter and screams from visitors who are having fun in the water come into your ears other than the unique voices from insects in the bush. This is the lower reaches of Cemerong Waterfall. But, hold your breath first. The best is always the last to arrive. 

The 2 hours trek is never a boring and monotonous one if you know how to appreciate everything offered by the mother nature. Huge trees with roots extended to the earth’s surface and appear like a natural screen that can easily hide yourself. A good place to play hide and seek, huh! Beware, never-never play this kind of game in the jungle. There are plants that you cultivate as pot plant in your house and plants that you never see you knew the name for long. Watch out for pitcher plant along the way. One of the species found here is round in shape and appear in cluster, twining on another tree. Villagers and the aborigines here cook their rice in these pitcher plant by putting the rice inside and send for steaming…um, just imagine the fresh fragrance from the plant, it must be drooling.

Feel like doing some outward bound activities or action? Yes, you got it! During raining season, the trekking path becomes slippery. In order to continue the journey, rope has tied by the forestry department in some down slopping area, then hold the rope and scramble as you get down. Off course not that simple. Crossing river is a usual ‘itinerary’ in any trekking. The only river crossing in the journey is actually crossing a little stream (well, it is a stream in dry season but will turn into a real river in wet season). Riverbed of this little stream is granite stone. Water running slow on this flat rocky riverbed and turn into a fall when it reaches the edge. A rope was tied from one end to the other while a tree trunk was laid crossing the stream. Hold the rope and step on the trunk instead the slippery rocky riverbed. Be careful, a little carelessness will bring you to regrets.

There shouldn’t be any difficulties or hard time to trek in this jungle. It is just a journey to challenge your stamina and off course strength of your legs.

When the exhaustion feeling attacks you, suddenly sound from the tremendous fall is heard from far away, inspiring your exhaustion. But, it is only when you pass through a piece of bamboo then only you see it…standing far away but yet as though in front of you. Mouth will widely open but no words other than ‘COOL!!’ to express your feeling. At this moment of time, you will agree that all the difficulties and curses in the 2 hours trek is worth for a waterfall like this.

Water flush from the mountain, fall from 300m away then hit to the rock pool at the bottom, the resounding echoes are just like hitting thousands of drums in front of you. Before you soak yourself in the icing cold water, you are already bathed by the water splash from the fall. What to wait for? Jump into the water and have fun!


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