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Press Release


To make Terengganu a tourism hub and generate income, the state should promote tourism vibrantly without delay. Depending on oil revenue alone may not be wise... (29/12/2009)

The 31/2 minute video, hosted by Allan Wu of Amazing Race Asia fame, is part of the campaign which sees a road trip through three countries -- Malaysia, India and Australia... (04/10/2008)

Pulau Sekati A Living Museum ? The state should build an open-air museum in Pulau Sekati, which is 0.3km away from the state museum for Visit Terengganu Year... (22/04/2008)

Traditional geomantic designs... another type of heritage that is also threatened with extinction : ancient Malay building principles... (16/03/2008)

House by house, one man is trying to save the rich architectural and cultural heritage of Terengganu, it will feature 28 antique (between 100 to 200 years old) Malay houses in refurbished splendour... (09/03/2008)

Legend has it that a giant turtle had turned to stone when it failed to return to the sea before sunrise after laying eggs on the beach.... (18/01/2008)

Terengganu, which is hosting the Sukma 2008 Games, has introduced the clownfish as its mascot, replacing the turtle... (29/04/2006)

Ex-Vietnamese refugees raise funds to restore burial sites. The 1,000-odd graves of Vietnamese refugees in the country will soon become a tourist attraction... (25/04/2006)

If you think Terengganu is all about islands in the sun, you're missing a lot. The Marang River Cruise, for instance, shows you the rustic charm of village life along the river... (03/05/2005)

Sungai Yakyah, has, according to the locals, the biggest firefly colony in the east coast but apparently not many people know about it... (21/10/2004)

A long keris has been recovered from an estimated 400-year-old wrecked ship laden with Ming-era porcelain in waters off Kuala Dungun ... (04/07/2004)

Giant Alocasia plants measuring more than 2.4m tall have been discovered on Gunung Mandi Angin in Hulu Dungun... (11/06/2004)

The 1,300-year-old chengal tree in Hulu Dungun is a state treasure and will be used to promote eco-tourism in the state... (09/06/2004)


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